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Development of Safety and Quality Specific Procedures

Frequentis produces state-of-the-art, dependable products for air traffic control services. APAC has developed company-specific procedures and standards to meet the safety and quality requirements of the projects (in accordance with the MIL-Standards and DoD-Standards).

Definition of SW-Engineering Standards

APAC was assigned by Frequentis to support the development of company-specific SW engineering standards that offer the benefit of improving the process and product quality. The standards and procedures include configuration management procedures, verification and validation procedures and software engineering standards.

Development of a Global Resource and Project Control Model

With the help of APAC’s consulting services a sound and widely accepted Global Resource Control and Project Control Model was developed and implemented. The model includes:

  • project standardisation
  • project planning
  • company-wide project monitoring
  • company-wide planning and controlling of human resources
  • a project metrics programme

The developed procedures are implemented with the support of SAP R3 (Accounting and Management Information System).


SVS-D is an Air Traffic Communication System ordered by Deutsche Flugsicherung and implemented by a consortium including Frequentis GmbH and Siemens AG. APAC performed the overall planning tasks and status audits on the SVS-D project to verify the progress and to assure conformity with the project plan. In addition, APAC was contracted to manage the process of the finalisation of the documentation and to write technical documents.

SW Development Cost Estimation

The application of different software cost estimation methods (3-D Function Point Method, COCOMO and Vollmann Method) used in FREQUENTIS projects was analysed. The goal of the project is the definition and implementation of a company-specific Cost Estimation Model.


APAC has been responsible for central and independent co-ordination in the joint development of TETRA of SIMOCO (England) and FREQUENTIS. The activities included the co-ordination of the joint planning, the tracing of progress, risk management and monitoring of development and test activities.


Within this project APAC applied its knowledge of Project Management and Quality Management to the development, installation and transition of a new voice communication system for AUSTROCONTROL (Austrian Air Traffic Authority) as responsible project manager.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

APAC was assigned the task of performing the annual customer satisfaction evaluation for 1997 by Frequentis. Additionally, the customer satisfaction with Frequentis projects was continuously re-evaluated by APAC until 1999.

BICO Audit/Project Status Audit

APAC performed BICO Audits and Project Status Audits on a regular basis (about 35 audits during the last four years). This includes audits of subcontractors and potential subcontractors.

ISO 9001:2000 Consultancy

APAC was assigned the task of supporting the implementation of a quality management system in FREQUENTIS Bratislava, which was already successfully certified according to the ISO 9001:2000 standard.
APAC has also supported the preparation of the external certification audit according to ISO 9001:2000 at FREQUENTIS Offenbach, which was also successfully passed in the form of an audit.

Support during the Tender Process

The process-specific part of the tender NB3 and Terrafon was partly compiled and verified with the support of APAC.

Monthly Progress Reports

APAC was tracing the progress of several projects and provided the management with monthly progress reports.

Evaluation of Companies – Audits

APAC was assigned the task of evaluating the processes at several suppliers or co-operation partner companies and to support the improvement of the joint processes.

Safety and RAM (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability) Support

APAC was continuously assigned the task of conducting the safety and RAM processes in many projects.
The overall objective of a system safety programme is the reduction of potential system risks by providing a comprehensive assessment of the system’s ability to maintain service to its users in the event of hardware and/or software failures.
It is the goal of the RAM Programme and its activities to assure the design of an inherently safe and effective system.

DORIS (Danube River Information Service)

The concept of this information system for inland navigation follows two major goals: The provision of the actual traffic (tactical traffic image) as the nautical component and the online provision of a widespread information system of all facts of the operative inland navigation with respect to the logistics component.

APAC was in charge of supporting the project management with regular project status audits of the suppliers and during the overall project planning and progress tracking.

Metropolitan Police

Frequentis is in charge of providing a Video and Voice Communication System to the Metropolitan Police in London. APAC is continuously assigned to perform project status audits of the suppliers and also to support the overall project planning and progress tracking.

EAD IT Service Provision Setup

On behalf of the GroupEAD Europe S.L. shareholder FREQUENTIS, APAC was primarily responsible for managing and performing the setup of the EAD Service Provision. This consisted of the development/implementation of the IT related services and procedures, which were described in the related service plans, EAD client planning and client integration related procedures and covered the initial EAD data load. The project was completed ahead of time and the EAD Service Provision could therefore be started two months earlier than scheduled.

Offer Management Support

APAC was contracted to support the offer department in the preparation of three VCS tenders. APACwas responsible for the whole tender process until the tenders were submitted.

Project Management NAV CANADA

APAC performed project, quality and configuration management in the NAV CANADA Project. This project consisted of the data migration to the EAD System as well as the creation of new charts and publications. In addition, the implementation of the eAIP was part of the project.

GWDI SW development process assessment

APAC performed an assessment for Frequentis of the GWDI SW development processes for conformity with EC Reg. -482/2008- and ED-153 ...

Integration Management TWR Zeltweg 

APAC was assigned to perform the integration management in the TWR LOXZ Project. The project goal is the integration of the information and communication systems in the new tower Zeltweg to assure the air traffic at this military airport.

EAD (European Aeronautical Information Services Database) phase2                                                   

APAC was in charge of the EAD (European Aeronautical Information Services Database) phase 2 Development and ITP Service Provision Programme Management including coordination of EAD/SESAR activities.

smartAIM Projects                                                                                                                              

APAC is assigned to the Management of the FREQUENTIS smartAIM Projects department and Project Manager of the NAVC Canada Maintenance  and AISS Philippines projects.


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