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APAC was responsible for the quality management and the configuration management in the ANDRA project (Advanced Node for Data Relay in the ATN). In addition, APAC has defined the project-specific standard for the evaluation of the tenders and has supported DFS in the assessment of the suppliers’ process capabilities. The ANDRA project will improve reliability and performance of the air traffic control data transfer system by means of implementing state-of-the-art technology.APAC's tasks also include supporting and fine-tuning of the requirements in the management process.

Integrated Tower System

APAC was responsible for the quality management and for the support of the project management by the implementation of project management tools in the project ITS (Integrated Tower System). The main project goals were to build a new system that is scaleable and adaptable to all 17 towers in Germany and to reduce the “system diversity” of the “DFS Platzkontrollstelle“. The newly developed or adapted software components for the air traffic control operations should use the same HMI software. By adhering to CORBA, DFS aims to allow for the development and deployment of distributed object systems in heterogeneous environments.

SVS-D Tower

SVS-D Tower is an Air Traffic Communication System designed to be used in several towers in Germany. APAC''s consulting services for this project included support during the project initialisation phase. Additionally, we monitored the status of the project on a regular basis by calculating the earned value of the project and by performing status audits during which the progress of the project and conformity with the project plans were verified.

Safety and Security Analysis as well as Tracing of the Implementation in the ANDRA Project

The ANDRA system requirements were analysed as specified in the DFS internal standard "Sicherheitsanforderungen an flugsicherungstechnische Systeme", "IT-Sicherheitshandbuch, BSI 7105" and taking into account other state-of-the-art standards. On the basis of the results of this analysis, the IT-Safety and Security Concept for the development and operation of the ANDRA system, which complies with the internal DFS standards and the BSI 7105 (applicable for the selection and implementation of security measures), was developed.

APAC reviews the suppliers’ products and traces the safety and IT security-related activities during the implementation and deployment of ANDRA.

VAN 2. Release

APAC supported this project by putting its knowledge in quality management for projects into practice. The project VAN 2 Release had a duration of two years and ensured that the system is able to operate properly beyond the year 2000. Additionally, the system performance and switching performance was improved by the implementation of new hardware and a new database concept.

Update Project Management Handbook

The tasks of defining the topics of project reporting and project structuring have been assigned to APAC. These inputs were used for the DFS-wide "Project Management Handbook".


The major task of the former IA department is the management of the on-site installation of air traffic equipment in towers. The goal is to provide the users with turnkey solutions. APAC was assigned to oversee the quality management at several sites.


The former SIP Department was responsible for making sure that the air traffic management products to be installed at DFS towers meet the requirements of the users. This included the management of the implementation of the necessary updates. APAC was assigned to analyse the processes and to support the definition of the configuration management processes.

IDPS (Information Data Processing System)

The main goal of the project is to install the IDPS system according to its operational and technical requirements (the IDPS is a sub-system of the DFS-ITS tower system for which the requirements are maintained in the DFS-ITS requirements data base). The DFS intends to procure an IDP system which can be integrated in an ITS system.
In this projecAPAC has been assigned the task of supporting the project management with regular progress reports and Quality Management activities.

TFDPS (Tower Flight Data Processing System)

The goal of the project is the gradual implementation of an ITS TFDPS component and the related ACC/APP-Tower-Interface for the future P1-Environment based on an NDI product. APAC supported the project, quality and configuration management processes within the DFS project team.

Audit of the HMI Pathfinding

The DFS contracted APAC for auditing a sub-project of the project VAFORIT (Very Advanced Flight Data Processing Operational Requirements Implementation). The results have triggered organisational and process improvement measures.

ARTE (Automatic Radardata Transmission Equipment)

APAC has been assigned to oversee the quality management and to support the project and configuration management activities in the project ARTE. The project took about four years. The ARTE system provides an alternative source of radar data within 5 seconds in case of a node failure.

Audit of the Branch Telecommunication and ATC Center for ISO 9001:2000 conformance

APAC performed an on-site audit to identify the necessary improvement measure to meet the ISO 9001:2000 requirements. The scope also included operational maintenance of ATC equipment. The report formed the basis of the improvement measures to be implemented for the ISO 9001:2000 certification.

RMCDE Audit and Risk Evaluation

RMCDE (Radar Message Conversion and Distribution Equipment) provides critical information for the operation of air traffic control. It was APAC's mission to evaluate the implemented processes and the documentation to provide recommendations for higher reliability and availability of service. The supplier and Eurocontrol were also visited during the evaluation. APAC was supported by the DFS quality assurance department.

Support of the Telecommunication Unit and the Central Services for ISO 9001:2000 Conformance

APAC supported this unit of DFS during the implementation of a process oriented Quality Management System conforming with ISO 9001:2000. APAC created and reviewed process descriptions and quality system related documents. APAC also moderated quality-related workshops

Support of the Tower and Center Unit for ISO ISO 9001:2000 Conformance

APAC has been assigned to support these two DFS units during the implementation of a process oriented Quality Management System conforming with ISO 9001:2000. APAC created and reviewed process descriptions and quality system related documents. APAC also moderated quality related workshops.


Quality Management Documentation and Audit Support of the F&E Department                                                                                                                            

APAC reviewed the quality management documentation of the F&E department for consistency, completeness and compliance with ISO9000. In addition, APAC performed the internal audits for all processes and their implementation as preparation for the external certification audit.

MUBANET (Multiplexer Basic Network)

APAC has been assigned to oversee the quality management and to support project and configuration management activities in the project MUBANET. The project had a duration of about three years. During the project the multiplexer systems were procured and integrated in the telecommunication infrastructure of the DFS.

Configuration and Change Management Process Audit of Tower Leipzig and Hannover

APAC performed on-site audits to identify non-conformances with standards by the defined configuration and change management process. The audits covered all systems and the entire infrastructure available in the Tower.

CMMC-FM (Common Maintenance Monitoring and Control – Facility Management)

APAC has been assigned to oversee the quality and configuration management and to support the project management activities in the project CMMC-FM. The project duration will be about four years. The project goals are the provision and indication of status information of the facility management systems as well as the development and realisation of an FM service centre in an Service Management Centre for a central monitoring of the relevant facility management systems of all operationally used DFS objects (CC, Tower, CNS).

DFS Energy (new building of the power station Langen) 

APAC supports DFS Energy in setting up the planning process and in defining the PM, QM and CM processes for all involved project partners. The realisation of the new building is scheduled to take place in 2014.

TGM Cluster Mitte Start-up Phase  

APAC supports the DFS Technical Facility Management in setting up, defining, implementing and monitoring the PM, QM and CM processes for the Start-up Phase of the new service provider for the Cluster Mitte.


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