KZPS (Kontrola zracnega prometa Slovenije)

Technical Programme Management for Migration to the new ATCC

Slovenia Control renewed the existing ATM system and moved to a new ACC location at the airport in Brnik. The migration was performed in several steps and, simultaneously, a substantial system upgrade was performed. The formerly used trackers, FDPS, HMI and VCS were replaced. To reduce the risk it was planned to install and integrate the new systems already at the old location and deploy the new system at the new location. APAC was contracted with the technical migration programme management for the migration to the new location. The programme management responsibility included guiding and managing the technical project managers, moderating the steering groups, preparing and reviewing the calls for tender, initiating and controlling the activities and, last but not least, managing the project office.

Safety Assessment for the new ATCC

Slovenia Control relocated the ATCC close to the Brnik airport. During this relocation several systems were replaced including ASD/RDD, FDPS, SDPS. APAC was contracted to perform the safety management for the complete technical relocation of the ATCC to the new location. This task included the support of the system suppliers for ESARR 4/6-compliant software safety management, review of the suppliers’ safety deliverables and the creation of the ATM system safety case as a basis for the certification by the National Supervisory Authority.

Definition and Implementation of a Safety Management System

APAC was contracted by Slovenia Control to develop a safety management manual describing the related processes compliant with the requirements defined by EC Regulation 2096/2005 (Common Requirements). APAC also provided support in the implementation of these processes.

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